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Beracode is a platform where you can create collaborative communities to improve your digital marketing with the knowledge shared by the people.

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Why is beracode the ideal solution for your community marketing?

2 think better than 1

Instead of suffering alone to produce content, share that responsibility with the ones who follow your work. Let the community intelligence speak for you!

Good friends come back

Harder than to acquire an user, is to make him return. Except on Beracode, which sends push notifications and personalized newsletters to stimulate this come back.

Ready for Google

Beracode was built based on all Google's search best practices, so the platform has a good SEO performance. Forget the technical efforts: we are more than Google friendly. We are SEO ready!

Together we go further

Great communities are made of people. That is why we provide our customers all the resources to stimulate engagement and growth in number of registrations.

Metrics from A to Z

If you can't measure, you can't manage. Beracode provides you a complete dashboard with all the metrics about your community, users and content production.

We are all teachers

Everybody has something to teach. And since not all subjects fit into one post, Beracode has a unique eLearning system, fully integrated with the community.